Sarah Lauder

“I have been training with Abi, once a week, for over a year now and am so happy with the results, not only physically but mentally too.
After an illness that severely knocked my confidence and left me with some nerve damage in my back, I did not exercise at all. Something which was out of character for me. Abi was highly recommended to me by a friend that knew I needed to get back into exercise and back to feeling like myself again.
We started on strengthening my back and went step-by-step from there. Abi’s knowledge, patience and, most of all, belief in my ability, really helped me to gain more confidence and push myself that little bit harder in each session (something I was scared of doing before).
A year later and I am back to running half marathons and now absolutely love weight training. Abi has brought back my confidence and passion for fitness – I even have my own home gym now, which I love spending time in. I’ve dropped two dress sizes and my back is now fine!

I cannot thank Abi enough for leading me through this process of getting back to being fit, healthy and happy again. If, like me, you want to get back into fitness, but are a bit scared, just go and speak to Abi”

Lucy Anderson

“I thoroughly look forward to weight training PT sessions with Abi! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and professional, and always has great tips to make a particular exercise more challenging, or to improve technique. My confidence in the weights area has soared and I’ve noticed a real difference in my strength (hello pull ups!) and shape since following her programme. Would definitely recommend Abi to others.”

Jayne O’Connor

“If you are looking for an intelligent approach to looking after your health and fitness contact Abi NOW. You won’t regret it!

Abi’s educated and informed approach to your health and fitness means you get a holistic plan to help you reach your goals. She is an expert in physiology and can help you achieve your physical goals in the most realistic and sustainable way possible for you. But more importantly in my opinion, she also has a highly impressive intuitive awareness of your mental wellbeing and understands the importance of a healthy mind. In fact so many of our conversations weren’t about my actual diet or exercise plan, instead we focused on the importance of positive mental attitude towards our body and how the mind needs to cooperate if we are to make long term changes!
I LOVE every session with Abi! Her drive and dedication to keep learning and grow her knowledge within the fitness industry is so admirable and is evidence of her sincere commitment to you as a Client. She has the patience of a Saint and works hard to find the right plan that will work best for you and your lifestyle. And most importantly she will NEVER give up on you! Her reassurance that you can do this and her belief in you will be enough for you to smash your goals in no time.
Watch out for this lady in the future…even with her wealth of knowledge she is only just getting started!!”

Dana Lattouf

“Abi is MORE than just a PT, she has done wonders for me. She changed my views on body image, food and exercise. My time with her has truly been therapeutic for the body and soul. I came to her with low energy levels and having lost hope in seeing changes to my body. In less than 4 weeks I was able to achieve a healthy weight loss, whilst also building muscle mass in the process. Abi works with you in the gym and outside the gym – giving in always 110% of her time. The meal plans she made for me were perfect and she made sure it had all the food I love (including chocolate brownies). Gyming with Abi has become something I look forward to.”


Teeda Fletcher

Abi shows a true understanding of her clients needs. I started training with Abi October 2017. After having 2 children and having had no time to go to the gym I lacked confidence, strength and felt unfit. Abi listened to my concerns and worked on building my confidence and strength at a pace that I was ready with. As my fitness levels progressed my confidence was boosted. I went from having 1 session a week to 2, which I never would have dreamed of. Abi trained me to my ability but also pushed me when she felt I was ready. I gained so much confidence that I combined training sessions with Abi with sessions on my own. I now look forward to going to the gym or training at home! If you are a nervous mother then Abi is the perfect trainer for you. She is 100% focussed on you, and never looks away or at her phone which I have seen other trainers do. Thank you Abi!

Sean’s 12 Week Transformation

“So I’ve been training on and off for well over ten years and my weight has fluctuated slightly. I’ve always been apprehensive about investing in a personal trainer, but now I realise how much time and money you save. It’s 100% worth the investment. For the last 2 1/2 months this is the before and after result. Too many people want a quick fix but slow and steady wins the race. A knowledgable trainer is key if you want good results! Putting my fitness in someone else’s hands wasn’t easy but it’s worth it.”

Amy Phillips

Amy’s Body Transformation


Amy still trains with me on weekly basis, and she continues to impress me her work ethic and positive attitude to training.

“I booked 8 x personal training sessions with Abi as a birthday present to myself. Although I’d been a member of the gym for over a year and had a reasonable level of fitness I was really bored and my training had started to consist of running on the treadmill for 30mins.

I absolutely love the sessions with Abi. I have learnt to use equipment that I hadn’t dare try before and have overall increased my confidence. Abi is incredibly patient and encouraging in making sure that my technique is correct and has taught me that there is far more to fitness than cardio.”


Lydia Jennings


“For years I had always fought with exercise and healthy eating, whatever I tried it was either an unhealthy quick fix or no matter what I did it just didn’t seem to make any difference, so I would become disheartened and give up. Taking that step to go and see a PT was a big thing for me! From my first consultation with Abi she seemed to understand straight away what I wanted to achieve and gave me the confidence and drive that I needed to get there.

I love my PT sessions with Abi, so much so that I have continued at 2 sessions a week with her and can’t see myself ever giving this up. She makes the sessions so varied and enjoyable but also pushes you to believe you have the strength to keep going.

The great thing with Abi is that she is all about giving you confidence within yourself…. and this, without a doubt, she has done for me!

She understands my goals and keeps me working hard to achieve them. I definitely never used to be the one to say that I was a gym lover and look where I am now.

I can’t thank her enough… although a small warning, the only downfall is that my bank isn’t looking so healthy now I can fit into all these new clothes”.

Christine Bowen

“I have known Abi over the last few years and have been training with her on and off, taking me through various injuries I have had, including a herniated disk. 
Abi is both a personable and professional Trainer. Her instruction and teaching style is excellent and she is motivating to train with. She adds variety to exercise programmes and is enthusiastic and skilful, providing support and coaching in a constructive way. 

Abi has also supported a group of people with learning disabilities through Boxercise sessions, which she did voluntarily. Her instruction here was again excellent with a lovely personality to help people feel at ease. She is a Personal Trainer who ‘goes that extra mile’ to really coach, encourage & motivate people to achieve their fitness goals, whatever their level.

Phillippa Lauder

“I’ve been training once a fortnight with Abi for the past 8 months and I can honestly say that, thanks to her, I have never felt more body confident. 

I was astonished at how quickly I began to see results, from just one hour with Abi every other week. In our first session, Abi asked me what my aims were and, as someone who has never liked their legs and bum, these were what I wanted to focus on. I quickly began to see that, through the exercises Abi had me do, I was developing stronger glutes, hamstrings and a thigh gap! 😮As well as much more toned and defined abs and arms (as opposed to the shapeless, skinny arms I had before). 

Abi’s mantra is that, if you don’t work hard and push yourself, you won’t get the results you want. This is so true. Abi works me hard in our sessions, so I get the results I want, but she is so good at knowing exactly when I need to slow down the pace and just have a chat for a minute! 

Abi is a friendly, funny and kind-hearted person who has a lot of passion for what she does. She has a great, positive mentality towards fitness and training that is totally infectious. I was never previously one to shy away from exercise, but favoured classes or sports (things that didn’t really feel like exercise!) I never liked the idea of going for a run, or going to the gym, as that seemed too hard, too boring and a little bit intimidating. But now, thanks to Abi improving my fitness levels and making me see exercise in a different way, I enjoy running twice a week and have already taken part in a 10k and am looking forward to completing another one next month and beating my time! 

The other thing to mention is how much I look forward to my sessions with Abi. I work full time, in a busy office, and often feel stressed both in and out of work. It it never ceases to amaze me how much calmer, happier and generally more positive I feel after just an hour working out and catching up with Abi. Even on those days when I just want to go home, pig out and sleep, I go to my session anyway and always, always come out feeling so pleased that I went.

If you are like I was 8 months ago: wanting to get fit and feel more confident about your body, but are lacking the self-motivation and drive to ensure you achieve it, I would 100% recommend that you go and see Abi.”Ellie Moores

12 Week Body Transformation 

“Having spent the past year training with Abi, I noticed not only a huge change in my body but also in my attitude to the gym. I started with an eternal fear of the weights section and now I truly understand what to do and feel at home training in the weights section.

I am not only in the best shape I have ever been from working with Abi but I have also learnt so much about nutrition and training that I can take forward to maintaining the best version of myself! The results particularly in my back (I actually have muscles there now!) speak for themselves and I definitely could not have achieved them without you!”

Dianna Rittey

Dianna manages to fit training in around her busy work schedule, showing that time isn’t an excuse. 

“I had no idea that personal training could be this good! Abi is gold dust! Physically she looks great and that in itself is motivating, but she is mature beyond her years with a strong sense of self, confident and empowered; her gift as a successful PT is being able to pass this physical and mental inspiration on to her clients. It is so much fun training with Abi, I actually look forward to exercising now. I’ve learnt to perfect my technique as Abi has identified that I used to compensate for having some weaker muscle groups, which has contributed to postural complaints.

Abi has also made me confident enough to walk into the ‘scary men’s area’ of the gym and know what I am doing, reassuring me that weight training will strengthen my slim frame as opposed to bulking up. I’ve also really appreciated how flexible Abi has been in terms of fitting in our sessions, since I work away a lot. Mainly I am delighted that our twice-weekly sessions are far more effective than when I used to go alone 4 times a week.

Abi is worth every penny and more; the mental and physical results are beyond my expectations!”

Debbie Martinez

For the short time that Debbie was over here in the UK, it was great to see her realise what she was capable of. 

“I want to thank Abi Taylor for making such a positive impact on my life. I have had a few PT’s before but no one had made a difference.
I even ran a marathon two years ago but never felt this strong or this confident about my body. Abi taught me to move from the “I think I can” to the “I know can” frame of mind! I have finally reached a goal I have been trying to achieve for the past 10 years with just 16 sessions!
I am very fortunate to have worked with her! I hope our paths will cross again! Until then, I will continue to remind myself that “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Sarah Gotley

12 Week Wedding Transformation


Habiba El Kholy

“Let’s just say I owe it all to Abi. I began training with her with little knowledge of how to healthy; my life had been a series of yo-yo fad diets and no exercise. But through personal training, nutritional help and also through the amazing boxing classes, Abi taught me that rather than adhering to the societal pressures of being skinny, it is being strong and healthy for myself. These are the two fundamental aspects to a prosperous life. I now eat much healthier, I’m not afraid of weights and I am seeing results!

I have become dedicated to bettering my health and regardless of what people say, I am the happiest I have ever been. The journey only begins here. Thank you so much for imparting your knowledge onto Abi.”

Haya Kaabar

‘For the last year I was constantly trying to get my motivation back but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t. I decided to turn to Abi (after hearing several recommendations!) and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. She made me fall in love with the gym again and get my passion back and I can genuinely say I have never been happier or more confident with my body in my life. She didn’t only give me my motivation back, but ensured I switched up my training, following a full programme, and very importantly tracking my nutrition.

I trained with Abi 2/3 times per week and she pushed me in each and every session. Sessions with her were at least x10 more productive and effective than sessions on my own and with other Trainers I’ve had.

Overall I feel stronger, healthier and most importantly much happier! I can’t thank her enough for all her help and support.’