1-2-1 Coaching in Bath

My one to one Personal Training sessions are tailored to your goals and abilities, combining knowledge and experience to deliver training that’s both challenging and enjoyable. There is more to 1-2-1 training than just the sessions alone. I pride myself on coaching clients inside and outside the gym in order to help you reach your potential, ensuring long lasting and sustainable results.

“Abi is extremely knowledgable, patient, full of energy and she always pushes me, making the sessions hard but also making them fun!”

I have experience in training a wide variety of clients, from pre/post natal to body transformations, injury rehabilitation and competition prep. 

You never feel like ‘another client’ or ‘another tick off the list’ with Abi. She is fully committed to ensuring her clients get the most out of every session and is evidently super passionate about ensuring her clients have all the knowledge they could possibly need”.

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For years I had always fought with exercise and healthy eating, whatever I tried it was either an unhealthy quick fix or no matter what I did it just didn’t seem to make any difference, so I would become disheartened and give up. Taking that step to go and see a PT was a big thing for me! From my first consultation with Abi she seemed to understand straight away what I wanted to achieve and gave me the confidence and drive that I needed to get there.

I love my PT sessions with Abi, so much so that I have continued at 2 sessions a week with her and can’t see myself ever giving this up. She makes the sessions so varied and enjoyable but also pushes you to believe you have the strength to keep going.

The great thing with Abi is that she is all about giving you confidence within yourself…. and this, without a doubt, she has done for me!

She understands my goals and keeps me working hard to achieve them. I definitely never used to be the one to say that I was a gym lover and look where I am now.

I can’t thank her enough… although a small warning, the only downfall is that my bank isn’t looking so healthy now I can fit into all these new clothes

Lydia Jennings

I booked 8x personal training sessions with Abi as a birthday present to myself. Although I’d been a member of the gym for over a year and had a reasonable level of fitness I was really bored and my training had started to consist of running on the treadmill for 30mins.

I absolutely love the sessions with Abi. I have learnt to use equipment that I hadn’t dare try before and have overall increased my confidence. Abi is incredibly patient and encouraging in making sure that my technique is correct and has taught me that there is far more to fitness than cardio.

Amy Phillips