Dianna Rittey

I had no idea that personal training could be this good! Abi is gold dust! Physically she looks great and that in itself is motivating, but she is mature beyond her years with a strong sense of self, confident and empowered; her gift as a successful PT is being able to pass this physical and mental inspiration on to her clients. It is so much fun training with Abi, I actually look forward to exercising now. I’ve learnt to perfect my technique as Abi has identified that I used to compensate for having some weaker muscle groups, which has contributed to postural complaints.

Abi has also made me confident enough to walk into the ‘scary men’s area’ of the gym and know what I am doing, reassuring me that weight training will strengthen my slim frame as opposed to bulking up. I’ve also really appreciated how flexible Abi has been in terms of fitting in our sessions, since I work away a lot. Mainly I am delighted that our twice-weekly sessions are far more effective than when I used to go alone 4 times a week.

Abi is worth every penny and more; the mental and physical results are beyond my expectations!